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Encyclopedia of Modern Art and Arab World
موســــوعة الفـن الحديـــث والعالــم العربـــي
Artists' Index

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Khalid al-Jader

Khalid al-Jader was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1922. Al-Jader studied at the College of Law and the Institute of Fine Art concurrently, graduating with degrees in art and law. He then studied in Paris at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and earned a PhD in the History of Islamic Art from the Sorbonne. Professionally, al-Jader was the dean of the Institute of Fine Arts and later co-founded the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad. He also served as chair of the National Committee for Plastic Art with UNESCO. Within his own artistic practice, al-Jader maintained a consistent style of loose, rough brushstrokes accentuated by vibrant colors. His most common renderings were oil paintings of markets, streets, and villages. The artist was a member of the Pioneers, the Impressionists, and the Society of Iraqi Plastic Artists. Al-Jader exhibited widely and his work was both domestically and internationally visible. Al-Jader died in 1988 in Baghdad, Iraq.
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