​​To request an image of an artwork from Mathaf's collection please read our ​iconography request guidelines and complete the downloadable request form at the bottom of this page.

For artworks and images not from Mathaf's collection, please contact the respective copyright holders for approval and copyright procedures.

Iconography Request Guidelines

Access to and use of artwork images from Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art is protected. All image files and associated texts are the property of Mathaf, and may be made available for non-commercial, personal use only.

Copying, editing or redistributing these materials in any manner for personal or corporate gain is prohibited.

Any public or commercial use of these materials without prior written permission is a violation of copyright law and may also violate the rights of third parties.

Please review the following terms and conditions before completing the Mathaf Iconography Request Form:

1. All permission requests to reproduce artwork images must be in writing. The Iconography Request Form must be signed by the applicant and approved by the Mathaf Director before permission becomes effective. The signed form may be submitted via email or regular mail to:

Director's Office

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

P.O. Box 2777, Doha, Qatar

T: +974.4402.8855


2. Permission to reproduce is valid only for the individual, company, or institution to which it is specifically issued and may not be sold or transferred. Reprints, subsequent editions, or additional uses of any kind must be preceded by a new request and are not covered by the original permission.

3. Permission to reproduce is valid only for the approved duration of use. A new application must be submitted if an extension of usage is necessary.

4. Any applicant requesting images for study purposes only, who later decides to reproduce or publish them, must first secure written permission from Mathaf. In this case, it is necessary to file a new request form.

5. In the case of a request where the intended use of an image is of a commercial nature, additional usage or reproduction fees may apply.

6. Artwork images must be reproduced unaltered in its entirety. Superimposing type or other imagery upon the photograph, cropping the image, bleeding the image off the page, or printing the image on colored stock paper is prohibited without consent from Mathaf. When a detail is used, the word "detail" must appear in the credit line.

7. The complete credit line as provided by Mathaf must appear in the immediate proximity to the image, and/or in the section devoted to image credits. Credit line to appear as follows:

(Artist, Artwork Title, Year, Media, Dimensions). Photo: (Photographer's Name), courtesy Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha.

8. Mathaf assumes no responsibility for any royalties or fees claimed by the artist, or on his or her behalf.

Although Mathaf owns the artwork and images of said artwork in its collection, the copyright to said work is retained by any living artist and /or the estate or representative of any artist whose date of death is within the past 70 years. It is incumbent upon the author or publisher to obtain additional copyright permission when necessary. The onus of determining when this is applicable rests with the applicant.

9. Mathaf reserves the right to deny permission to reproduce an image from its collection to any applicant whose product is not acceptable to the Museum for any reason.

10. The applicant is required to send two copies of the publication or item on which the image appears to the Mathaf Director's Office, free of charge.​

I understand all the above and I read and understood the Terms of Use.