The Mathaf Encyclopedia of Modern Art and the Arab World, ("MEMAAW"), is a free online scholarly resource which provides literature on modern art of the Arab world.

In collaboration with Qatar Museums and Qatar Foundation, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art initiated this long-term project aimed at presenting artists' biographies and academic, thematic, research based-essays that standardize data on art of the Arab world and encourage multiple perspectives on modernism.

The MEMAAW provides comprehensive documentation and offers a platform that supports knowledge exchange and networking between researchers and scholars around the world. All entries are peer-reviewed, translated, and credited to their respective authors.

The MEMAAW launched June 2014 with an initial body of content representing artists from Mathaf's permanent collection. The encyclopedia is a work in progress and will continue to develop to include all artists from Mathaf' s permanent collection, and in subsequent phases, will include Arab artists beyond the collection, as well as historically contextualizing and thematic essays on their work.

The MEMAAW project is a non-commercial, non-profit effort that does not sell any of the works in the archive or share them for any commercial purposes.

The MEMAAW aims to:

  • Generate a unique art historical product for Modern art of the Arab world, which implements the vision and mission of Qatar Museums Authority in general, and of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in particular;
  • Identify and highlight artists from the collection and beyond, and provide comprehensive biographies of their lives, artistic styles and techniques, accomplishments, contributions, influences and artistic circles/groups;
  • Encourage, inspire and support academic research in the area of modern art history through making accessible resources, information and bibliographies;
  • Conduct research that historically contextualize artwork from Mathaf's collection highlights and contextualizes the legacy of modernism in the Arab world through exploring the various themes and subjects invoked by modern artists from the Arab world;
  • Provide a resource of standardized artists' names and a comprehensive glossary of art  terminologies and vocabularies;
  • Publish and make accessible scholarly content on modern art and the Arab world in both Arabic and English;
  • Serve as a platform to support cultural exchange, network and/or collaborative research between scholars from different parts of the world, and facilitate online communication among communities around the world interested in studying modern art;
  • Serve as the main official encyclopedic system on modern art to centralize all relevant artwork, essays and articles;
  • Provide public access to primary research material and resources;
  • Encourage other museums, galleries and collectors to share their collections on the secure encyclopedia platform;
  • Act as a starting point for creative research and ensure a rich future for further study of art histories from the Arab world.​

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