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Encyclopedia of Modern Art and Arab World
موســــوعة الفـن الحديـــث والعالــم العربـــي
Artists' Index

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Fahrelnissa Zeid

 Fahrelnissa Zeid​, born on December 6, 1901 in Istanbul, Turkey, is considered a pioneer of modern Turkish art. She was among the first women to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul in 1920, and trained in the studio of Stahlbach and Roger Bissière at the Académie Ranson in Paris in1928. She contributed to a collective exhibition in 20th century Paris with a group of thirteen artists under the name the "New Ecole de Paris." Zeid joined a circle of contemporary Turkish artists known as the D-Group in 1942, and she established the Royal Fine Art Institute of Fahrelnissa Zeid in the 1970s, in Amman, Jordan. Zeid's art, predominantly abstract, depicts features that can be found in the Byzantine and Egyptian Fayum portraitures and the tradition of Ottoman miniature paintings. Zeid excelled in experimenting with watercolors, composition lithographs, collages, resin sculptures and stained glass. Zeid is exhibited widely in Europe, U.S.A. and the Middle East. Zeid died on 5 September 1991 in Amman, Jordan.​
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